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Bazooka Bass Tube Subwoofer

Bazooka Bass Tube Subwoofer

The Bazooka Tube is ideal for tiny hatchbacks and tightly-engineered European cars, due to its space-saving cylindrical design. With a built-in amplifier, it's everything that most consumers will need to fill out the bottom end in their daily driver.One of the very first subwoofer patents was filed as early as 1964 by California resident Raymon Dones. Originally marketed under the name Octavium, the purpose for this patent was to provide a portable enclosure capable of reproducing low-frequency sound. The idea was to produce a completely immersive experience with audio resonance from all directions. The Octavium was popular through the mid-1970s and was even used by well-known artists that included,The first use of subwoofer technology for an audio recording session occurred in 1973, followed by its introduction to the world of film one year later with the release of the movie Earthquake in Sensurround.The 1980s saw the dawn of more customized car stereo systems, including elaborate speaker and subwoofer setups with multiple configurations. The evolution from tape-based audio systems to the CD technology of the 1990s provided additional incentives for car owners to upgrade their vehicular audio setups. Doing so allowed such systems to accommodate high-quality music with low-frequency resonance and less interference from hissing and other anomalies. Today's subwoofers maximize sound performance, they are dedicated to audio precision, and they seek to immerse the driver and his passengers with unfiltered resonance that transcends many traditional vehicular speaker systems.The Bazooka Tube are the best around,

  • BAZOOKA high quality BASS, 8' 250 W, BAZOOKA high quality BASS, 8' 250 W,

    BAZOOKA high quality BASS, 8' 250 W,

    Product highlights 160-watt powered 8" Bass Tube8" woofer with treated foam surroundbuilt-in Class D amplifier delivers 160 watts RMS at 4 ohms (250 watts max)mounting straps, wire harnesses and hardware includedadjustable low-pass filter (60-250...

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