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car amplifiers


Car amplifiers – the heart of audio system

Car amplifiers are devices, which provide an audio system with sufficient power. They don’t produce any electricity themselves but modulate the output of car battery. The latter cannot be an effective source for needs of a subwoofer or high-end speakers. Another thing to mention is the fact that audio systems are very susceptible to fluctuations in the current. The slightest drawback of voltage results in distortions. Car amplifiers provide a stable source of energy, so you can enjoy your favorite songs without even knowing that the device is constantly rejecting electronic environmental noise pickups.

How to not get lost in a vast assortment of car amplifiers

Customers have to keep in mind a couple of things in order to buy car amplifiers they actually need. A first stop is a number of channels. The devices work perfectly with stereo systems regardless of their origin. The only thing that may differ is the installation process, specifically connecting wires. Factory audio should be connected through speaker inputs while after-market solutions use preamp inputs. Our car amplifiers store has a great selection of wiring kits, which help to install the device with ease. If you need more than two channels, you have to look for an appropriate model.

One of key parameters for audio power sources is RMS. It shows peak value of output, which car amplifiers can produce. For the best results, the figures should match those that are mentioned in speaker specification. Otherwise, the sound won’t be as loud as possible or will be distorted. If the difference between the numbers is tremendous, the system can even fail and malfunction.

Other determinants considered in order to buy car amplifiers include frequency response, input sensitivity, total harmonic distortion, high pass and subsonic filters. These factors influence noise and distortion of the sound. Negative feedback is a feature that helps to reduce gain by subtracting excessive signal, which results in output without the distortion. 

Buy car amplifiers online with a reliable store

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