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Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable conducts electrical signal using an inner conductor (usually a solid copper, stranded copper or copper plated steel wire) surrounded by an insulating layer and all enclosed by a shield, typically one to four layers of woven metallic braid and metallic tape. The cable is protected by an outer insulating jacket. Normally, the shield is kept at ground potential and a voltage is applied to the center conductor to carry electrical signals. The advantage of coaxial design is that electric and magnetic fields are confined to the dielectric with little leakage outside the shield. macking your radio as clean with out no RF leaks,

  • RG213/U Black Coaxial Cable, 100 feet

    RG213/U Black Coaxial Cable, 100 feet

    CatalogNo.Center ConductorDielectric Insulation & Nominal O.D.Jacket Material & Nominal O.D.Nominal AttenuationMHzdb/100ftNominal Capacitance(pF/FT)ABNominal Impedance (OHMS)Nominal Velocity of PropagationRG TypeShieldUL...

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