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Cobra Radio

  • Cobra Cb Radio 18WXSTII

    Cobra Cb Radio 18WXSTII

    The Cobra 18 WX ST II is 40 channel CB radio made for recreational vehicles. Features include a front facing speaker, dual channel monitoring, and access to 10 weather channels—all in a...

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  • Cobra Cb Radio 19DXIV

    Cobra Cb Radio 19DXIV

    This mobile CB radio offers Instant Channel 9 and 19, RF Gain and an Illuminated LCD Display, all in a compact design  RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas. 4 Pin...

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  • Cobra Cb Radio 29LX MAXX

    Cobra Cb Radio 29LX MAXX

    Features include: Smartphone Enhanced Features, Legal Hands-Free Calls and Text MessagingMake and Receive Phone Calls with the CB!Make Calls and Send Text Messages Using VoiceCobra iRadar® App...

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