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Cooling Fan

  • Texas Star DX Remote Texas Star DX Remote

    Texas Star DX Remote

    optional accessory remote head plugs into the back of the Amplifier and is usefull when the unit is mounted out of reach. It has the following controls.Power ON / OFFDelay ON / OFFTwo LED indicators.Power ON / OFFDelay ON / OFFTwo LED indicators.Models...

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  • put added wear and strain on the finals, potentially shortening their life expectancy. Now, with the addition of the SRA-2990CF Cooling Fan accessory, this problem and worry is eliminated. With two fans moving the air around and through the fins of the heat sink, fresh, cooler air is continually distributed over the finals. Longer life and a cooler operation is realized from the radio. All connectors, wiring, hardware and instructions are included.
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    Ranger SRA-2990CF Cooling Fan For Base Radios

    Long periods of continuous operation can greatly increase the heat generated from the final transistors. The extra large heat sink on the back of the RCI-2990 Series (all models) & RCI-2995DX can dissipate a good portion of this heat. However, when the...

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