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Dave made mobile Amplifiers

Dave made Amplifiers is quality amplifiers ,from the best design ever it give you the best performance great audio the kind of amp is well known its bean around since 15yours it has won key downs, its well known by the person that makes this amp how he build them , And this amp is one of its best  of his kind ever  made he well kown as around the world  I grew up see hows its made lots off cool looks thats that amp has insind and everyone that talks about it that love them , this amp is a ham linear with Toshiba or Dei Transistors at jokerman electronics we take pride in the dave made amps we give you the best customer service and we have it built the way you like it , when i grew up as a boy and i never seen a amp that performs any amp out their ass dave made does, it carry a good look it has that nice snack look on the box and the insind is very different then any box i no thats out thair, if you want one bad to the bone box key like a dreem come true like car purrs like a dreem, !!! Dave made mobile Amplifiers