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  • 2x2sc2879,8x2sc2879 Moble Amp

    2x2sc2879,8x2sc2879 Moble Amp

    Description  2x2sc28798x2sc2879,HG: Amp Draw(maximum) 90 Class CRecommended DeadTypicalModulated Power Output (RMS)800 watts Low Drive,!! Typical Modulated Power Output (PEP)1700/2100w

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  • 8x2sc2879,Moble


    8x2sc2879,HG: Amp Draw(maximum) 90 Class C SSB Delay NoPre-amp  Driver Required 2pill MaximumRecommended DeadTypicalModulated Power Output (RMS)800 watts Typical Modulated Power Output (PEP)1800         jokerman covers best...

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  • 24x2sc2879,Moble


    24x2sc2879,Amp Draw(maximum) 400 Class C SSB Delay NoPre-amp  Driver Required Maximum 4pill ampRecommended Dead Key Output  TypicalModulated Power Output (RMS) 2400 WattsTypical Modulated Power Output (PEP) 4800   use ups only

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  • 1x2sc2879,4x2sc2879


     1 2SC2879 driving 4 x 2SC2879 HG:Amp Draw(maximum) 90 Class C SSB Delay NoPre-amp  Driver Required MaximumRecommended Dead Key Output 100w TypicalModulated Power Output (RMS) 300-500 WattsTypical Modulated Power Output (PEP) 600-1000 Watts

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  • 2x2sc2879 amp with fan

    2x2sc2879 amp with fan

    Transistors 2x 2sc2879 with fanDimensions H 4-1/4" x L 11" x W 6-3/4" Amp Draw (maximum) 48 Class C No Driver Required Power Output (RMS) 180 Watts Power Output (PEP) 400 Watts 

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