maco antennas

hello this antennas is one of the best since it ever came out
you are not just bying antenna your bying the best best quality performance.
In 1977 MaCo Manufacturing bought from Wilson the assets, 
trademarks, and rights for their complete line of antennas. After over 
30 years of manufacturing, the MaCo antenna line was acquired by 
Charles Electronics, LLC.
  • Maco 6600 30,000 Watt Gamma Match

    Maco 6600 30,000 Watt Gamma Match

    The Maco 6600 gamma match can be used on all Maco beams except for the V-Quad. It has a 30,000 watt power handling capability and is made of aircraft grade aluminum and high quality Teflon. This gamma uses solder lugs in place of a coax connector & all...

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  • Maco Balcony Mount Base Antenna

    Maco Balcony Mount Base Antenna

    Maco®BA1 Balcony AntennaThe new Maco® BA1 Balcony Antenna has been designed to be used on the 10/11 meter bands.It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, depending on the operator's preference. This1/2 wave antenna can be mounted on a wrought...

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  • Maco M103C 3 Element Base Station Antenna

    Maco M103C 3 Element Base Station Antenna

    Features: 3 Elements11.5' Boom Length20x Power Mulitplication11dB Gain90mph Wind Survival10' Turn Radius4.5 sq. ft. Surface Radius In the classic directional Yagi design, the11.5' long, 3 element M103 base stationantenna can be mounted either vertically...

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  • ups only or fedx

    Maco Shooting Star 8 Element Base Station

    When performance and price are your main consideration, look at the 8 element Shooting Star. Developed to fill the need for top performance and dual polarity operation, the Shooting Star has a gain of 18 dB & boasts a 28X power multiplication. This...

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  • Maco V5000 5/8 Wave 5,000 Watt Ground Plane Maco V5000 5/8 Wave 5,000 Watt Ground Plane

    Maco V5000 5/8 Wave 5,000 Watt Ground Plane

    to handle 5,000 watts, the Maco V5000 is the most powerful base CB antenna we carry. The Maco V5000 has the same look as the Maco V58, but the internal coil is made to handle much more power. A 16' ground-plane kit is included with the antenna, allowing...

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  • NTE U-106 Antenna Rotator

    NTE U-106 Antenna Rotator

    Precision cut steel gears hardened for long service lifeRugged, one-piece cast aluminum housing designed for greatest strength in high stress areasLarge bearing surfaces and strong, reinforced mast for lateral load supportBall bearing provided for thrust...

  • Rohn 25G 30' Tower No Base

    Rohn 25G 30' Tower No Base

    Includes:(2) Standard 25G 10' Sections(1) 9' 9" 25AG2 Top SectionComplete Twoer Packages Include Guys, Connections, Anchors and GroundingAdditional InformationUPCN/AWeight500.0000ManufacturerRohnCountry of OriginN/ASchematicN/ARetail PriceN/ACase...

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