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No Name Amplifiers

      • No Name Amplifiers is one of its kind produces great audio high quality amplifier He's well known,He Bean,Built with the craftsmanship and technology that are customers expect. Are 20 years of knowledge in the CB industry will have you AssKicking , and Dropping the Maul on all the Ducks. With the service and dependability that NoName is noted for of years of trouble free service. We are not just another copy cat builder we are a leader in Amp designs. Enjoy the site, thanks for coming by.A little back round on us, It all started in 1988. We had already been tuning radio’s for a lot of the local guys. But thought it was time to try my hand at some amp building. At this time there were only a few amps on the market and most were of the factory type. I knew of only 2 custom builders so I thought , way not give it a try. My first amp made was a 2 pill made from a lot of burned up factory amps. I ran this amp in my mobile despite me having an custom 8 pill to run . In the first few months of running this amp I had made a lot of skip calls on it, next thing I know a lot of guys wanted to see what I was running, Next thing I know NoName was born. With help from a lot people We went into production with a small line of amps. Before we knew it we out grew the shed that I had started in, and moved to a bigger facility.During this time we started hitting the key off seen. We started with 219, Blue Eye Devil, Pee Wee, and Stickman keying some of the first NoName’s on the market and much to our surprise they were a hit. We started winning a lot of the breaks in and around the east coast. At this time we knew we were a top contender, so we did the keyoff thing for around 10 years or so. In 2001 we seen a slow down in the CB market, and thought that the slow down wouldn’t last long. But it went on a little longer than a lot had expected. With a lot of Amp builders out into the main market they all started to disappear. We decided to downsize a little, and just open a small shop to cater to more of the local guys.In 2007 and 20014 I started getting calls from people around the country that wanted to get back into the CB seen and started ordering stuff, so we had decided to get back into the game full force. In 2008 we came out with a whole new line of amps, something we had been working on for a decade. Now with the new line of AssKicker amps we can say 1 of the finest amps to hit the market in decades. With trouble free operation, low reflect and more watts then the competition. You’ll be Dropping the Maul in no time.producing for your;s new line of amps we only one have them hear , thay Call him stickman produces one off its kinds off Amplifiers  
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