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Predator Antenna

The Predator antenna is one of the finest center load antennas on the market. The Predator antenna is extremely wide banded, has high DB gain and utilizes a tunable whip for optimum SWR calibration. Predator antennas are made of heat-treated aircraft aluminum 6061-TS for sheer strength, durability and weight reduction. Each piece has been designed with threaded connections and are coated with anti seize compound to eliminate electrolysis. 

  • Predator 10k-2-6 Double Open Coil Antenna

    Predator 10k-2-6 Double Open Coil Antenna

    K-2-6 Features:Machined Aluminum Base: Very light weight yet extremely durableStainless Steel Whip: Flexible yet designed to withstand moderate damage.Lifetime MFG Warranty: The last antenna you will ever own.Large Corona Ball: Minimizes noise and...

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