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swr meter


Radio Operator SWR Meter

radio operators have built and used a simple tuning and diagnostic tool, called an SWR meter. With shielding compromised, a pair of coax or Twinline transmission lines, placed close enough, A wave moving in the driven line will induce waves in the measurement line. Placed in parallel (straight or loosely coiled) a driven wave will reinforce/cancel an induced wave in the same/opposite direction. If cable pair exceeds half wavelength, cancellation is complete, and power dissipated in matched termination is approximately proportional to the forward and reflected power at Jokerman electronics we carry a big selection of Swr,SWR can also be measured using an is balanced (0 volts across the detector) only when the test impedance exactly matches the reference impedance. When a transmission line is mismatched (SWR > 1:1), its input impedance deviates from its characteristic impedance; thus, a bridge can be used to determine the presence or absence of a low SWR.An SWR meter does not measure the actual impedance of a load (the resistance and Reactance), but only the mismatch ratio. To measure the actual impedance, an antenna analyzer or other similar RF measuring device is required. For accurate readings, the SWR meter must be matched to the line impedance, usually 50 or 75 ohms. To accommodate multiple Impedances, some SWR meters have switches on the rear, to select the resistance appropriate for the sense lines,tack a look at or items for sale,