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Texas Star

  • Texas Star DX 1600 Texas Star DX 1600

    Texas Star DX 1600

    THiS  i now on this special  order on "ALL web" site not just mine due to the lack offTransmitters but you can place your order with me no need to call I can have one amplifier built just for youand its not siting around and it ...

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  • Texas Star DX-667V

    Texas Star DX-667V

    750W/62A with onlyToshiba Transistor(2) IRF520 driving (4) 2SC2879 Variable Power W/SSB DelayMeter-RF Relative Output Indicator and lights during transmissionOPERATION:Red "POWER" Button turns the unit on and off.White "REC AMP" Button turns the receive...

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  • Texas Star DX 500V Texas Star DX 500V

    Texas Star DX 500V

    TEXAS STAR 500V HIGH DRVE VARIABLE *100 amp powerSUPPLIES to Run ampDEI 4 X 2SC2879 TRANSISTORS*500 Watt output power45 amp fuse *RF meter *Preamp *SSB switchAll Texas Stars does not key up at all if you likeThe tune up conversion 1-3 weeks turnaround...

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