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T'N'T Amplifiers

Ham Amplifiers are described according to their input and output properties. They exhibit the property of gain, or multiplication factor that relates the magnitude of the output signal to the input signal. The gain may be specified as the ratio of output voltage to input voltage (voltage gain), output power to input power (power gain), or some combination of current, voltage, and power. In many cases, with input and output in the same unit, gain is unitless (though often expressed in decibels (dB)).The four basic types of amplifiers are as follows T'N'T ham amplifiers designed to give you great output off pear power Will adding a linear amplifier to my ham station make my signal "louder"?How is this related to the S meter reading on the other guys radio?The difference between running a kilowatt (1000 watts) and running 100 watts is 10 dB). That would "sound" 2 times louder if you could measure it accurately. Said another way in reverse, the difference between running 100 watts and a kilowatt is also 10dB. T'N'T amplifiers are louder thay sound very good on the are So you might be thinking, "Well if that is true, then if I run a 500 watt linear instead of a killowatt, then this would make a 5dB change in my signal. Would'nt that make my signal sound almost 2 times louder?" The simple and mathematical answer is NO.

T'N'T amplifiers

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